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Busimann's Dog Training

The Busimann's Dog Training Logo. It is a brown dog with a dark brown spot on its back.

Training philosophy

Positive, force free training does not mean permissive. We just communicate clearly to the dog what behaviours deliver reinforcement. The dog soon uses his brain and works out what is the best option. After the initial process, the dog offers behaviours readily as they are not afraid of being punished for using their initiative.  They enjoy the training as it doesn’t feel like training. They have fun. As do the owners.

When you set the dog up for success you are also setting yourself up for success. Dog training is a 2-way process. Once the dog realises that they have choices, they will invariably choose the option that gives them the best reinforcement opportunities. Sounds familiar? We don’t like being corrected for trying so why should we inflict that upon our dogs or any other animal. If we can train wild animals in captivity without the use of force, we can certainly train our domesticated “best friends” without punishment.

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