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Rhonda L.

"We were extremely happy with Yvonne's patience and method training for our dog. We would never have considered clicker training before but having seen the quick and effective results could not be happier. The combination of clicker training games and obedience all resulted in a very happy dog and owner."

Shadia H.

"Yvonne has worked with all of my dogs for over 15 years. I highly recommend her services, whether you are looking for help with general behavioural and training issues, or wanting to train an assistance or therapy dog. Yvonne has a wealth of knowledge and understands how to work with people with disabilities. She is clearly passionate about her work and gives structured and easy-to-follow instructions and feedback. I am grateful for her support during the assistance dog training and accreditation process."

Jamie G.

"Yvonne came to us when our Bull Terrier was a crazy 4 months old, he lacked self control and became over excited at the drop of a hat. After quite a few months of clicker training we have a different dog, he is calm, loving and can monitor his self control so much better. I highly recommend her and the clicker training method, it’s given us great results!! Don’t know what we would of done without her! Thanks Yvonne!!"

Alison M.

We can’t thank Yvonne enough, she has made walking our one year old groodle so much better, the clicker training is easy to learn and so effective, would definitely recommend!

Alice B.

I was going to another trainer but was not happy with my progress. I was referred to Yvonne and haven’t looked back. I learnt more from her in the first 15minutes of our initial session, than I did in the 5 sessions I had with the other trainer!

Vivien H.

Yvonne is very clear and precise with her explanations and directions. She explains things well, demonstrates with the dog and then appraises our training skills. I was a previous client of Yvonne’s when she used a different training method, but now after witnessing how clicker training works and how much fun it is, I am a convert. My dog loves training and so do I.

Gilian B.

I have a pup and decided to do one on one sessions with Yvonne. She encouraged me to also attend group classes so I really have the best of both worlds. Yvonne fills in the gaps and targets all my relevant issues that a group class can’t. Group classes provide the socialisation for my dog and the distractions for my pup to work through. Yvonne is so knowledgeable and experienced that I can ask anything and the odds are on that she will have an answer to my question.

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