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About me

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Busimann’s Dog Training started in 2005 when Roger Busiko and I combined together to run Puppy Kinder and Obedience Group classes. We also conducted private consultations for behavioural and other training issues. We suspended the business in April 2016 to travel around Australia for a few years.

Upon returning home, I reactivated the business but in a new format. All my training would be taught using clicker training and Force Free methods. A brave new world for me!

But what a brilliant and fantastic new world it has proved to be!

My current dog, Jyn and I are reaping all the benefits from clicker training. She is extremely quick to offer behaviours and extend upon existing ones, which is making it ideal for me to train her in the mobility tasks for my assistance dog clients, using her to troubleshoot any training issues. Jyn is also trialling in scent detection, having passed the first Novice level, 8 trials, 8 passes. She also has a large repertoire of tricks and is having fun with parkour activities.

I have been extremely fortunate to have experienced the joys of dog ownership across the range of many disciplines and with a few very special dogs. I was given my first dog by my best friend for my 18th birthday. My parents were less than amused!! We had had dogs before but this was MY dog. Well, I did some good things and I did some not-so-good things with this dog. It made me realise that you do need to invest time and training into the dog so that you can both enjoy a much greater quality of life together.

Over the years other dogs followed and I trained them in the “usual way”. The way it has always been done – a balanced way. Looking back, I feel so sad and guilty, that I didn’t train these dogs using clicker training. They worked very well for me, but I know that they would have thrived under this method more so than using the way it is always done!

I have competed in obedience trials reaching the highest level – Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) with Scout, my last dog. Scout also reached the highest level in the Rally – O discipline. 

With Salem, the Tracking Champion Title (7 tracks, 7 passes) was achieved in addition to her Endurance Title, which involved running next to me whilst I cycled 20 km’s. Salem and I were involved with the SES Search and Rescue Dog Squad when they were hoping to utilise this additional skillset alongside their existing operational work. Unfortunately, funding prevented it from becoming a working reality. It was an invaluable couple of years’ worth of experience in air scenting and tracking knowledge.

Professional Memberships

Pet Professional Guild Australia

Dogs Vic

Australian Pet Dog Trainers Association

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The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia logo.

Qualifications and Education



National Dog Trainers Federation

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  • Canine behaviourist course

  • Certificate III Professional Dog Trainer

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Courses - current

Karen Pryor Academy

  • Dog trainer foundations

Susan Friedman

Illis Animal Behaviour Consulting

School of Canine Science

Noble Canine Training

Absolute Dogs

Kay Laurence

Robert Hewings

  • Living and Learning With Animals

  • Animal Emotions 

  • Advanced Animal Training

  • 30-day challenge

  • Scent for Six

  • Puppy Lab

  • Behaviour Lab

  • Dog Behaviour Assessment

  • Games based training concept platform

  • Learning About Dogs

  • Scent and Scentability

First aid course for dogs

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Courses - past


Czech Republic

Ian Dunbar

ADPT Conferences

Brenda Aloff

  • Symposium - Search and Rescue Conference

  • 2-day seminar

  • Multiple

  • 2-day seminar


  • Pet Professional Guild (PPG) 

  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) 

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