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Busimann’s Dog Training started in 2005 after I completed my formal qualifications in both the Professional Dog Training and Canine Behaviour Specialist courses. Roger Busiko and I combined to run Puppy Kinder and Obedience Group classes. We also conducted private consultations for behavioural and other training issues. The business was suspended in April 2016 whilst I travelled around Australia for two years.

Upon returning home in 2018, I reactivated the business but in a new format. All my training would be taught using clicker training and Force Free methods. A brave new world for me!

But what a brilliant and fantastic new world it has proved to be!

Over the years I have been fortunate to train many dogs across varying disciplines including Search & Rescue, Obedience, Rally O, Tracking, Endurance and Nose work. This vast hands-on exposure has given me extensive practical experience and the ability to problem-solve issues when they arise. This certainly comes into play when helping clients with their training issues.

I am now working in conjunction with both MindDog & Assistance Paws to assist clients to train their dogs to become Certified Psychosocial Assistance Dogs.  As a trainer and Assessor for both organisations, it allows me to help people in a manner that I have become extremely passionate.

This area of training has led me to undertake additional certification within the Physical Disability Sector. I am a Certified Service Dog Coach which enables me to assist in the training of Mobility tasks for handlers who have difficulty doing certain activities within the home environment.

Another area I am involved in, is with people who would like their dogs to be a therapy dog within their work environment. Although there is no formal qualification or assessment required, it is a very good idea to ensure that your dog is suitable and trained to handle such a responsibility.

I am a firm believer in the need to be continually updating my knowledge by undertaking courses, webinars and listening to respected trainers on their podcast. I can then pass all of this on to my clients!