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Physical Mobility Assistance Dogs

Physical Disability Dogs are taught tasks that the person might not be able to perform because of their disability. The demand for these pre-trained dogs is high, with a long waitlist and at a great cost. 

I can assist you with your training to teach your dog to do basic tasks that will greatly enhance your way of life. These tasks will include retrieving items, opening cupboards and doors, removing articles of clothing, and alerting caregivers when you require help. These tasks obviously require time, effort, and commitment to training, so the owner/caregiver must be prepared and able to train the dog on their own.  Once the dog knows the basics, we can extend the tasks further. Unfortunately, not all dogs will be able to be trained in this capacity, but an assessment will be able to ascertain the potential of the dog.

When deciding if you would like to train your dog to assist with tasks that you are finding difficult to undertake yourself, certain factors will need to be considered. The suitability of your dog, whether you would like the dog to just be an “in-home” assistance dog or whether you want it to be certified for Public Access in addition to mobility tasks.
This area of training is a lengthy process to ensure that the reliability and appropriate performance of the tasks in public situations (if you are going down the PAT certification route) indicate that the team is ready to transition to maintain the training. This time period for documented reliable performance will be at least 6 months so there will be at least 12 months of training, if not more involved. Dogs should be at least 18 months of age before they begin the arduous requirements that this work entails. 

If you are interested in this training, I will arrange a Zoom consult to discuss your particulars. If everything is right, we can arrange an in-person consult to assess your dog and start the process. 

"We started working with Yvonne a year ago after we decided to owner-train a dog as a physical, hearing and psychiatric assistance animal. Yvonne took all of that complexity in her stride and immediately established a strong bond with not only our dog but also our whole family. She trains us and the dog with infinite patience and calm. She is always available for advice and encouragement and instils in us a sense of confidence - the most common refrain in our house is 'we love Yvonne'. Thanks to Yvonne, at one, our dog is already able to open a drawer or fridge, he can hold and retrieve things for my daughter and, most importantly he is a loved member of our family - he is amazing! Yvonne is one of the kindest and most caring people we have met, she understands how to work with people with anxiety and how to help you get the best out of your dog. Our dog absolutely loves Yvonne and you will too."

Kylie P.

Boarding the train
Training Jyn an alert response
Walking up steps
Loose leash walking


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